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2008-10-20 06:56:07 by phexion

I've had this problem for awhile now when It comes to sketching/painting etc... I can't draw women? I try so hard to get things in proportion but they end up looking odd or masculine. I normally end up scraping it or writing animations without female characters.

This problem has now changed as today I spruced up a sprite from the Morbid collection which was a female character I designed but didn't look to appealing, So I've done before and after shots to show you the difference from the two.

The overall change is use of colours and proportion of the body, I took out alot more lines and added in some daring curves and it worked out as you can see below. Gave her a modern style haircut as the style before was rather cliche to have for a woman and easily drawn, I went for a more complicated but sassier look. As for the colour change, I just dulled down the briteness and added softer colours and with her eyes, added some light pink eyeliner and gave her light blue pupils.



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